Renew Your South African Drivers Licence

Renew Your South African Drivers Licence

Well, today I had to go renew my driver’s license, and all I can say is that it’s the worst experience that I have had in awhile. If you live in South Africa, you will know what I mean.

Apart from being the dirtiest place that I have ever seen, it is also the most inefficient and unorganized chaos, that you could imagine. The staff just happens to treat everyone like sheep, poking them and prodding them throughout the process.

After entering the building, I had no idea where to go. The place was extremely overcrowded. Instead of having clear signage, the only way that you can figure out where to go, is by asking someone.

Then it starts. You can see that everyone has the green form that you need to fill in, but there is no place to actually find the form. The police officer then begins complaining, and treating people as if they are stupid. Somehow, you know that you are meant to get a form, and fill it in, but there is no place to get the form.

Then you find out that the police officer that is complaining, is the person that hands out the form, when they feel like it. So, until then, you are just meant to join the queue, and you will eventually get a form.

Then, like sheep, you move one chair at a time, until you eventually get to the front of the queue. In this time, you realize that the place is disgusting. The walls are dirty, and probably have never been washed. They are seriously under-staffed, and the air con doesn’t work. Some of the computer cables are temporarily repaired with sticky-tape, and the chairs are falling apart.

I could go on forever, about how horrified I was with the state of the building, but looks don’t matter. I would have been happy if I was treated like a human being, and not some sort of criminal, being pushed around by police officers.

In this situation, it didn’t matter if you were black, white, or green, everyone was treated like shit. As if they were dumb, and didn’t understand the process. But clearly, there were no signs, or instructions, that would have made the process easier.

Eventually, you get to the front of the que, and you do your eye-test and fingerprints. Then the process starts all over again, as now you have to join the queue for the cashier. And by the time I got to the front of the queue, I noticed a few pieces of paper, stuck on the wall, that briefly explained the process. This could have been at the door, as you walked in, but instead, this was at the end of the process.

Anyway, I could go on forever, about what a shit experience it really was, but that is not the point. I understand that they are under-staffed, and that is not the point either. The point that I’m trying to get to, is that there is no reason for these police officers to treat everyone like shit.

It is their job, to serve the public, and that’s what they signed up for. It’s not the publics fault that they are so unorganized and stuck in the old way of doing things. It’s as if no one cares, and the police officers are used to living in this pigsty.

Whoever is in charge of this, has no fucken idea what they are doing. If there is no leadership, and no system in place, everyone is going to get frustrated and upset, including the people that work there.

It’s simple. Have a bit of self-respect. Clean up the pigsty, and implement better signage, and the whole process will go much quicker. There is no reason for the police officers to treat people like shit, or push them around, like they are stupid.

At the end of the day, experiencing something like this makes you realize how important customer service is. I could never imagine treating people like this. I’m embarrassed to call myself a South African Citizen.

As a country, we can do better than this. We are better than this. It doesn’t matter where you work, have a bit of pride in what you do. You spend most of your life at work, make it a place that you enjoy going too. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. If you are working on a pigsty, make an effort to at least try to clean the place.

South Africa, you are better than that. . . .

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