My Search For Purpose, Fulfillment & Enlightenment

My Search For Purpose, Fulfillment & Enlightenment

I have always been interested in what we cant see. There is something about, not knowing the answer, that drives me to keep searching. I wish I knew the answer to life. I wish I knew my own purpose in life. Could it be, to find enlightenment, and then to share it with others?

If everything that we learn in life, is just the opinion of someone else, what is enlightenment? Maybe, the only way to find enlightenment could be, to forget everything that you were taught, and to look inwards, and re-learn everything again, through self-discovery, and self-development.

Why do we think, the way that we do? Why are there so many people out there, that have claimed to have experienced the unseen, or unknown? Why can’t I see what they are talking about? Why can’t I understand what they are talking about?

What is success? When will you be happy enough, with what you have achieved? At what point in your own life, will you be able to measure your success? Everyone has their own challenges in life, and success could be measured in a variety of ways, but when will you be happy with what you have achieved?

You have to ask yourself, why some of the most successful people in the world, who you thought were happy, are still searching for enlightenment. They could probably afford anything, that they could ever want, need, or desire, but they still have this feeling of emptiness.

Money is important, because the more money that we have, the more comfortable we can live. The more that we have, the more that we can give. But money, cant fill the emptiness.

What if you could reset your mind? What if there were no limits? What would you be doing right now, if you didn’t have to worry about money?

At what point could you say that you found enlightenment? What would fear be, if you didn’t know what fear was? What would you need, if you didn’t know that you needed anything? What would the feeling of wanting something be, if you didn’t know what wanting something was?

Somehow we are too quick to limit ourselves, by labeling ourselves. Who would I be, if I didn’t label myself, or let someone else label me? I begin to wonder, if life is just an illusion.

What would you do today, if you could do anything?

One thought on “My Search For Purpose, Fulfillment & Enlightenment”

  1. Very Enlightening Wayne. Sometimes wish I could go back in time and forget all the negative times in my life. But seen as that’s not possible guess we have to change our way of thinking and make changes accordingly.

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