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Art, Illustration & Drawing – Meet TANK, The SME Android – Cartoon Character

Well, last night I decided to get creative, and draw a vector-based cartoon character. I have always dreamed of being a cartoonist, but never really focused on it. I have done so many other things, but never really spent the time on drawing cartoon characters.

Meet TANK, named after the idea of a THINK-TANK. After drawing this cartoon character, I wondered, how much I would actually charge, to do the same for someone else? How could I put a price, on something like this?

It’s hard, to put a price on art. I can imagine the struggle that other artists and designers go through. I probably put in about 6 hours into the creation of this cartoon character so far. But once you put a price on it, and sell it, it’s gone. And it doesn’t belong to you anymore.

It might have taken only 6 hours to draw the cartoon character, but it could be worth a lot more, in the future, depending on what it’s used for. Or it could just lay in a folder somewhere on my computer, and never be seen.

Then again, if I place the images on the internet, people would just steal it anyway. A lot of people don’t realize that the images that they steal off the internet, actually took someone a lot of time and money to create.

The advantage of a owning the original design file is that it’s a vector-based design, and it can be enlarged to any size, and always look perfect. It doesn’t matter whether you use it on a business card, or on the side of a truck, or billboard. Vector based images can be scaled to any size, without looking distorted, or pixelated.

If I sold this cartoon character, this would mean that I would never be able to use it again, in any of my designs. Imagine paying Walt Disney, for the right to use Mickey Mouse, in whatever marketing or advertising that you wanted to do. With the amount of success that Mickey Mouse has had, that would be priceless.

It’s hard for artists to sell their artwork, but it forces us to grow. It’s no use hanging on to something as if its the best work that you would ever do. You need to let go of the past, and move on. Who knows what the future holds? You could draw something that was a hundred times better.

Or, if you hang onto the drawing, and never sell it. And it will become another creative project that’s lost in the millions of design files, stored on your computer.

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