Blogging – 11 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Give Up Too Early

Blogging – 11 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Give Up Too Early

I have to admit, blogging is not easy. I have been doing this now, for about 6 months. I have been trying to write every day, or as often as possible while working a full-time job.

The thought of giving up has probably crossed my mind a million times already. It feels like that I’m working 24/7, but it’s virtually impossible to get people to visit my website, to actually read what I have written.

I have written over 100 articles already. They are not perfect, and I’m sure that there are a lot of spelling mistakes, and that I could improve on my grammar, but I have kept at it. I have realized that it takes  a lot of persistence, and the more that I write, the better that I will become at it.

Writing is just a small part of the process. At the moment, it’s been more about trying to share the articles that I have written. I have spent a lot of time trying to design an image for each article, then sharing the content on social media.

There are days when the articles that I write, just come to me naturally, and then there are days when I really just don’t know what to talk about anymore.

After spending the last 8 years, building websites for a living, I decided to stop focusing on the design of the website, and to try focus on building something of value. I wanted to be able to create a website that would hopefully teach, motivate and inspire others.

I feel that I have so much to share with the world, and learning to write was a great way to add to my skill set, organise my thoughts, and hopefully help others along the way.

At the end of the day, as a blogger, you need to just press on. The trick is to not give up. The more that you write, the better you will become at it. Would you give up, if you knew that success was just around the corner?

Blogging is not a race, it’s a marathon. It’s not about trying to sprint from the start, it’s about pacing yourself. It doesn’t matter if people over take you, and they try sprint for the finish line, they will probably burnout, or give up before they reach it.

Take the time to enjoy the journey, and what you learn from it.

11 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Give Up Too Early

  1. Most bloggers are afraid to voice their own opinion.
  2. They try to copy everyone else, instead of finding their own voice.
  3. They are scared of what other people will say.
  4. The only way to become a better writer is by writing more often.
  5. You have to be passionate about your topic, or topics.
  6. If blogging was easy, everyone would be doing it.
  7. You need to keep in mind that success will not happen overnight.
  8. You will make a lot of mistakes, but this is how you will learn.
  9. You have to write on a daily basis, and make it a habit.
  10. It’s hard to come up with new content on a daily basis.
  11. Your original plan might change a few times, you need to learn to adapt.


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